Is there a Lincoln Center Drop off?

Although we do not serve Lincoln Center, Farm to Fordham (a law student organization) does. Their only available share is the fall semester.

When and where are deliveries?

Thursdays 230-530p, @ St.Rose’s Garden located off the southwest corner of the Rose Hill parking garage.

St. Rose's Garden - Overhead

Each week members will weigh out there allotted share:


Do I choose what I want each week from what is delivered?

No. Seasonal temperatures dictate what crops can grow. This means that whatever is in season and ready to be harvested is delivered. Deliveries consist of a set amount of each item and all participants get an equal share of all items.

What would a (vegetable) delivery look like?

Fall/Summer Share:

e.g. #1 (10/18/12) —0.75 lb greens, 0.5 lb black radish, 0.25 lb red radish, 0.75 lb Hakurei turnips, 0.5 lb american turnips, 1 lb carrots, 2 pc garlic, 0.75 lb sweet potato, 1 pc lettuce

Summer/Fall 2013 Delivery Records: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wth4D4uGc089KLuQzkcT18WckgpJeVGIPTDkG-8JpRU/edit?usp=sharing

Spring Semester Share:


What would a (Fruit) delivery look like?

Fall Share:

e.g. #1 (8/22/13) — 1 lb Donut Peach, 1.5 lb Ginger Gold (apple), 2 lb Jersey Mac (apple), 2 lb White Peach

Do I have to sign-up for the entire share?

Yes. The only options available are advertised. However, we encourage you to pair up with friends!

Can I pay with cash?

No. St. Rose’s is a volunteer organization and can’t legally accept money from you.

Please pay with a check or money order payable to “Norwich Meadow Farm”, and send to: St. Rose’s CSA, Collins Hall rm 101 Floor Fordham University, 440 E. Fordham rd, Bronx, NY 10458

***** ——-  Please write your e-mail address somewhere on the check  —–  *******

Can someone else pick my share up?

Yes, please have them notify sustainablefordham@gmail.com

Can I pick-up at a different day and time?

No. We do not have storage capabilities, which means at 530pm, we pack up and donate all remaining produce to Grand Concourse Community Service Food Panty.

How will we schedule volunteer time?

We will use a signupgenius.com to have folks sign-up when they are available.

What if I can’t donate any of my time?

The CSA is run completely by volunteers. Participation is key to it’s success. We understand schedules are very busy, and we are flexible and willing to work with you to figure something out.

Why must I bring my own bag?

Recycling is cool!

I can’t be here during the summer, can i still participate?

In the fall we will have a “fall share” which will go approximately 10 weeks and in the spring semester we have a “winter share” that runs 6 weeks.

Check out the a word cloud based on CSA member answers to the question, “What is your favorite fruit or vegetable received from the CSA?”



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