Ecological Society of America

This week is the 96th annual Ecological Society of America (ESA) conference.  The title of this years conference is “Earth Stewardship: Preserving and enhancing the earth’s life-support systems”.  ESA put out the following rational for the conference:

“Human society currently faces global-scale issues including climate change, loss of biodiversity, population pressures, food production, energy acquisition, and resource use that threaten the earth’s life-support systems.  Resolution of these issues will require integration of knowledge from many sources and simultaneous consideration of multiple problems, in contrast to the individualistic approach to problems commonly used in the past.  Ecologists are challenged to provide a scientific basis for addressing these issues and to lead in developing a sense of earth stewardship.”

Fordham University has sent two students this year, Alison Cucco and Jason Aloisio, both of whom work with faculty member Jim Lewis.  Alison Cucco is presenting a poster titled “Urbanization effects on nitrogen cycling and plant growth”, Jason is giving an oral titled “Biomass and plant diversity of naturally colonized green roof substrate in New York City” and Jim Lewis is giving an oral titled ” Industrial-age changes in atmospheric [CO2] and temperature alter drought sensitivity of photosynthesis in Eucalyptus“.


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